Our Launch is an opportunity to learn more about Mariners Bethel United Methodist Church—its vision, mission, core values, governance, to answer any questions you may have, and meet the Pastors and Lay Leaders.  We hope everyone attending receives all the information they’ll need to determine if membership to Mariners is their next step. 

Those attending our Voyage will discover and discuss spiritual gifts, ministry passions, personal style and get to know each other a little better on a Saturday from 9am-3pm (See Schedule below).  Lunch is included.   New members will be introduced the next day at both services with a special Welcome Aboard Coffee Hour between services.


2024 Launch & Voyage Dates

Launches (between Services)

Voyages (Saturdays 9am-3pm)

January 14th


January 27th

February 11th


March 10th


April 14th


May – None


May 18th

June 9th


July 14th


August 11th


September 8th 


September 28th

October 13th


November 10th


December – None


January 12th


January 18th

Created: October 2023

Revised:  January 2024