Global Ministries

Mariners people Go for Christ wherever there are needs through the United Methodist Global Ministries. In addition, Mariners directly supports a Mission in Costa Rica through our Time, our Talents and the Gifts and services of our members.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica. Its landscape is mountainous and verdant; its people, vibrant. A team from Mariners Bethel first set foot in that beautiful country four years ago to help renovate a church and parsonage in Ciudad Quesada and pray for the good news of Jesus to spread. We knew we had to go back to put hands and feet to those prayers and now, in our fourth year, Mariners continues to send teams of adults and youth to build not just churches and schools but build up hearts as well. From Ciudad Quesada to El Mirador, Coquital and now Rio Cuarto, the people of Mariners are bound to the people of Costa Rica through labor and love.