Charting Our Course

Charting Our Course

Charting Our Course At Mariners Bethel

When mariners would not have a map, they used a sextant to find their way. But even then 3 key elements were needed. First was light in order to see clearly. Second was the sun as a reliable source of determining direction from the heavens above. And third was the horizon as a source of the earth below. The path forward would then be established by determining the distance between the heavens and earth, illuminated by light.

At Mariners Bethel, we are taking a similar approach to Charting our Course as a church.

We are in unpredictable seas within this unique season. For that reason, we as the leadership, will be providing opportunities in the months of September, October, and November to discern our direction and path to get to where God is calling us to be.

For light, FAITH FORMATION is essential to clearly see God in the midst of all our questions. All Mariners members are encouraged to be actively involved in small groups and studies with a spiritual and scriptural basis. Sign ups are currently underway for Alpha, re-starts of small accountability groups, and Women’s Central as well as current Sunday School and group studies. Faith is strengthened when Christ is the daily Light of our Life and is regularly rekindled by the Spirit in community.

For the heavenly focus, PRAYER AND DISCERNMENT is key. Morning and evening prayer opportunities are being offered to create space for “two or more to gather together” in focused prayer as next steps are discerned.

For the earthly focus, LISTENING POST SESSIONS are necessary to gather accurate information. Each night will begin by a presentation and then a time for questions and answers; this is not a debate.  Four listening post sessions are scheduled from 6:30 – 8 p.m. this fall to allow different voices in the conversation space to share experiences and information from their own perspective.

More information will be shared at that time. We are encouraging members to be on board with all three ways of navigating the current season in the life of our church.

Are You “On Board” ?                                

 Faith Formation

I agree to participate in one of the following faith formation opportunities to let the light of Christ shine on the process:

Alpha Awareness/Youth Alpha

Community Bible Study

Men’s Weekly and Monthly Studies

Small Groups Re-Group

Sunday School Classes

Women Central Conference & Study


Prayer & Discernment

I agree to be intentional about praying for God’s will in the future, mission, and ministry at Mariners Bethel:

Tuesdays 11 a.m. – 12 noon (9/20 – Nov. 8)

Hope Center Prayer Room


Thursdays 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. (9/22- 11/10)

Hope Center Rm. 5


Listening Post Sessions

(from 6:30 – 8 p.m. in Mariner’s sanctuary and online)

I agree to attend and/ or watch all the Listening Post Sessions so I am fully informed as much as possible:

Thursday, September 29

Rev. Dr. Joseph Archie, Delaware District Superintendent,

Pen Del Conference – How we got here and where here is

Tuesday, October 25

Rev. David Bennett

 Wesleyan Covenant Association & Global Methodist Church

Tuesday, November 1

Rev. Tom Pasmore

Next Generation of the UMC

Monday, November 28

Rev. Bruce Rogers

Disaffiliation and the Independent Church