Sunday Worship Schedule

 8:00 AM - Blended Worship Service
Communion 1st Sunday of Each Month

9:30 AM - Extreme Praise Service
Communion 2nd Sunday of Each Month

11:15 AM - Traditional Service
Communion 1st Sunday of Each Month

Mission & Strategies


Mariners’ Mission

Lead to Christ

One beggar showing another beggar where to find the Bread of Life – Jesus

Grow in Christ

Learning together to practice Prayer-Saturated, Bible-Shaped Giving-Living

Go for Christ

Responding to Christ within us, extending unconditional love within and beyond our walls

Mariners’ Five Core Strategies

Pointing us toward our Vision:


 Spiritual Integrity – His Truth, My Spirit

• Experience, personally and as a congregation, a vital, intimate and daily relationship with Christ

Deepen My Biblical Faith

• We are challenged to study, develop and live out an authentic Biblical witness

Safe and Inviting Spaces Enable Our Mission

• Create, nurture and maintain environments for all to encounter God in our changing community

Vital Connections for Effective Missions

• Partner with other churches and organizations to form and nurture Christ- centered teamwork


• Extend Christ’s unconditional love in our ministries beyond Mariner’s wall