Sunday Worship Schedule

 8:00 AM - Blended Worship Service
Communion 1st Sunday of Each Month

9:30 AM - Extreme Praise Service
Communion 2nd Sunday of Each Month

11:15 AM - Traditional Service
Communion 1st Sunday of Each Month

ABC – Assisting Bike Commuters

Assisting Bike Commuters (ABC)

The bike mission – We loan bikes to anyone who needs a bike to get to work. New borrowers must take The Bike Safety Training within two weeks of getting a bike. Safety training in the off-season months is scheduled on an as needed basis. Our bikes are issued with lights, front and back; borrowers may purchase a lock from us, or show a lock to us before we make the loan. When the borrower no longer needs a bike to get to work, we expect the bike to be returned in serviceable condition.


For More information Please contact the

Bob Parsons 302-245-4242

Church Office at 302-539-9510

“Ride on the right, use lights day and night, and lock ‘em up tight”

Sign Up For Training

 Pick the date you want, then check with your supervisor at work to make sure you will not be scheduled for work during that time.  When you and the employer come to an agreement on a date and time, sign up on SignUp Genius